Patient Pamphlets & Wheels
MedLabs is dedicated to keeping up with the fast growing pace of laboratory medicine to provide our clients with the widest range of laboratory tests. Part of the role of our dedicated Scientific Committee is to keep informed of new technology and new findings in laboratory medicine and to communicate these to doctors and the medical community at large - making us a trusted reference centre for laboratories across region.
Pregnancy Information Tool
First Trimester Tests
Routine Blood Tests: Rh Status, Hb/PCV, TORCH, NIPT. Nuchal Translucency: (PAPP-A & FBHCG)
Glucose Screening Test, Prenatal Interpretive Screens: (Dual, Triple & Quadruple Tests)(AFP, BHCG, FE3 & DIA)
Second Trimester Tests:
Third Trimester Tests:
Blood Tests: Glucose Tolerance Test. Urine Test: Preeclampsia, Urinary tract infections (Group B Strep)
How to use Pregnancy Wheel
1. Rotate the first arrow to the date that corresponds to the first day of your last period.
 2.Your calculated date of delivery (baby's due date) will be at the date indicated by the arrow at '40 weeks'.
How to use Body Mass Index Wheel
Match your height & weight by moving wheels so you can see your body mass index
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