Lab-to-Lab referral

Arrangements for Specimen Collection

Prior arrangement with MedLabs' management is required in order to open an account for a referring laboratory. We recommend that courier arrangements are made with 'Aramex' to collect the samples to courier to MedLabs' Referral Laboratory in Amman, Jordan. Should you wish to deal with a different courier company, please make sure they have experience in transporting biological samples to avoid any sample damage during transport.

Specimen Handling, Collection and Transport Conditions

-   Requesting Laboratory Investigations and Specimen Identification

Every specimen container should be clearly labeled prior to sample collection in block letters with the patient's full name alongside a second identifier (e.g. ID #, National #) and the sample collection date. Do not use the container cover for labeling purposes. Each specimen should be accompanied by a request form stating clearly the patient's full name, age, gender, sample type, sample date, doctor's name and tests requested. Doctors are asked to indicate, where possible, initial or definitive diagnosis and pertinent medication.

For non-body fluid submissions, the specimen type and/or tissue site must also be indicated.


-   Specimen Container

•   Make sure the proper tube/container is used for the specific test requested. If in doubt, please contact our Referral Department for advice.

•   Ensure that samples are sealed properly in an appropriate container using a cap/stopper (not parafilm) and that lids are well secured.

•   Adhere to storage conditions, for details kindly download the Regional Referral Test List, see page 19.

•   MedLabs provides specially designed Specimen Transport Bags. Please use these bags by placing specimens in the leak-proof zip-lock compartment and tick the appropriate temperature condition for transport on the bag using a permanent marker. All related documents must be enclosed in the specified pocket attached on the bag.


-   Blood Specimens

•   Venous Blood: Tubes and vacutainers containing anticoagulants (EDTA, Heparin, etc.) should be promptly and thoroughly, but gently mixed – DO NOT SHAKE. Haemolysed specimens produce inaccurate results.

•   A complete tube volume is required.

•   Heel Stick Blood: At least 2 heparinised capillaries should be drawn and immediately identified by attaching a label with the patient's full name, date and a second identifier.

•   Serum samples: A minimum volume of 2ml is required.


-   Urine Specimens

24hr Collection: First morning specimen on day of collection should be discarded, and all other specimens voided during a 24hr period should be collected. The urine sample should remain refrigerated until it is delivered to the laboratory.  Make sure where indicated, the appropriate additive is used during the collection period.  Creatinine levels will be assayed for each specimen to assess the adequacy of the collection.


-   Fluid specimens

A watertight primary container as well as a secondary package is required. Make sure that an absorbent material is placed between the two packages and a sturdy outside package (wood, metal or plastic) is available.


-   Slides and/or paraffin blocks

Make sure each slide / block is clearly labeled. Be sure when packing to cushion them sufficiently to reduce the possibility of breakage or crushing during transport/shipment.


-   Refrigerated specimens

Place the specimen in a MedLabs sealed bag along with the cold pack in the Specimen Transport box, making sure that a paper towel is placed between them (to separate the cold pack from the specimen). Make sure that your outside package is labeled as "Refrigerated specimen – Do Not Freeze".


-   Frozen specimens

Approximately 2-3 kg of dry ice must be placed around the specimen, making sure to use only plastic vials (glass may crack).

* See specimen collection & handling instructions for sample collection in the Regional Referral Test List.

* See transport conditions for specified tests (SR Codes) in the Regional Referral Test List.

* For transport of samples: In designated areas, specimen pick-up and report delivery may be available through independent contractors. Contact MedLabs referral department for details in arranging pick up by a designated contractor. Pick up of samples may also be initiated by directly contacting designated couriers. When choosing a courier service, make sure to choose a suitable courier that will ensure packages are delivered to MedLabs as quickly as possible and in perfect condition.

Billing Information

A request form must be completed for each sample submitted for analysis. Work will not begin on samples that arrive at the laboratory without the completed request form (especially all relevant patient information).

Each month an invoice and detailed list of the charges for tests requested will be sent. Terms of payment are net 30 days. Please include the remittance copy of the invoice with your payment. If you have any questions or doubts about certain invoices, please contact our Referral Department or Finance Department as soon as possible.

Acceptable modes of payment include money transfers, cheques or cash.


All reports will be available online. Referring laboratories will issued with a login and password to view their related results. Otherwise, all reports will be emailed within minutes of consultant signature. Clients with no e-mail address will receive the

result by fax (however, there will be an extra charge for this service). All reports (hard copies) are mailed to the ordering physician/institution or delivered by courier service.

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