Genetic Tests (Health, Nutrition, Dermatology Genetic tests)


Every human being is unique and yet 99.8% of our genetic code is identical. The 0.2 % difference accounts for millions of unique traits coded in each person’s individual genes.

“Your Genes Don’t Lie“

The latest trends in 21st century health are in personalised medicine and treatment based on each person’s unique genetic make-up. MedLabs’ new Genetic test panels of Obesity, Security & Dermatologyaim at searching for the truth in your Genes that can reveal your risk factors or genetic advantage as compared to average population statistics for developing an array of food intolerances, specific diseases and skin conditions. These tests are performed once in a lifetime through quick non-invasive sampling.

 Health Genetic Test:

This test also falls partly under the category of Nutrigenetics hence it covers all of the benefits and information provided by the Obesity test. In addition the individual’s risk factors for certain diseases or conditions are included. This test reveals the following:


  •       Risk of gaining weight during pregnancy
  •       Risk of gaining weight during post-partum period
  •       Types of exercise your body is most likely to lose fat with (aerobic resistance vs. endurance sports)
  •       Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance
  •       Risk of several types of Cardiovascular disease
  •       Risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Nutrition Genetic Test:

This test is based on Nutrigenetics, and gives the patient answers about how his/her body responds to 550 different food types with regards to metabolism, weight gain / loss, satiety and other factors. This test reveals the following:


  •       Risk of excess weight gain/ Obesity.
  •       Presence of Lactose and/or Gluten Intolerances
  •       Need / benefits of different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  •       Metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and caffeine
  •       Apetite control and satiety (feeling ‘full’)
  •       Response to physical activity



Skin Care DNA Test:

Dermatogenetics is the science of skin typing and anti-aging  based on a person’s genetic make-up. Since the skin covers the entire human body, it is considered the first line of defense or barrier from the surrounding environment. Exact understanding of the skin from a genetic perspective contributes greatly in keeping it healthy and radiant. This test reveals the following:


  •   Understanding how your skin reacts when exposed to external factors i.e sun, heat, cold and humidity
  •       Risk of developing certain skin conditions such as black spots, eczema, early aging, premature wrinkles, freckles
  •       Elasticity of the skin
  •       Skin hydration capacity



All three panels use Genetic material (DNA) obtained from the patient’s saliva. The sealed samples are given a Unique Tracking Number that allows the patient to see and print his/her results online. These results can be interpreted by our team of professionals if so desired by the patient.

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