Who We Are
Established in 1993 as a Jordanian Limited Liability Company in the field of laboratory medicine, MedLabs Consultancy Group is a well-founded corporate institution based on Group Practice. Over the last 20 years we have become the region's fastest growing network of private stand-alone and hospital-based medical laboratories. MedLabs' core aim is to provide all physicians and their patients in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf access to exemplary medical laboratory services.

MedLabs has its corporate offices in Amman, Jordan where a team of dedicated management staff ensures the efficient running of the company and alignment of all its services in the region.
Our Services

MedLabs is the leading provider of diagnostic laboratory testing, including genetics, metabolic disorders and anatomic surgical pathology testing in the Jordanian private healthcare sector. Our service is offered through our network of over 38 local and regional patient-friendly laboratories, as well as through our call centre numbers through which we can send you a specialized team of highly trained medical technologists right to your door. MedLabs scope of services also includes Referral Services, Turnkey Project Services, Lab Management Services, Consulting Services and Training Services.
Our Customers

At MedLabs we're proud to serve a variety of customers with various services. At the center of our customer base are our patients – whether coming to us with a list of tests requested by a physician or on their own to perform a check-up as part of a preventive medicine plan. We also serve physicians, for whom the results of diagnostic laboratory testing directly impacts healthcare treatment decisions; other laboratories, hospitals, insurance and other contracted companies as well as pharmaceutical companies for whom we can conduct Bio availability testing as per Jordanian FDA guidelines.
Since its creation in 1993 MedLabs Group has grown from four laboratories in Amman, Jordan to over 32 laboratories all over the country as well as laboratories in the West Bank and Northern Iraq. In its 20 years, MedLabs' milestones include obtaining the ISO 9001 Management certification, the ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation and the College of American Pathologists Accreditation – the only laboratories company to achieve all three accreditations in Jordan. MedLabs is also honored to have received the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in May 2011. Furthermore, MedLabs remains the only private laboratories company in Jordan, authorized by the Jordanian Ministry of Health to train medical technologists for the purpose of becoming fully licensed laboratory directors.
Our Journey:
Being an Integral Enterprise
A fine orchestra is a collection of musicians playing an array of instruments each with its own sound, that together work in harmony with one another to create the perfect symphony. With this metaphor in mind, MedLabs as an “Integral Enterprise” is dependent on the level of connectivity, communication and harmony between individuals, organizational functions and the broader communities they serve. MedLabs’ journey towards an integral enterprise has seen the evolution of traditional management functions to higher calling, more intuitive roles. These include evolving from Marketing to Community Building, Human Resource Management to Awakening Conscious Evolution, Science and Operations to Knowledge Creation and Finance to Sustainable Development. This transformation is the basis for MedLabs’ C.A.R.E model and supports MedLabs’ role as a CAREing company.
The C.A.R.E model of the Integral Enterprise
The C.A.R.E model of the Integral Enterprise characterises ‘C’ as Community Building, ‘A’ as Awakening Conscious Evolution, ‘R’ as Research Driven Innovation and knowledge creation and ‘E’ as the Sustainable Enterprise
MedLabs’ Guiding Principles at the CORE
MedLabs Integral Enterprise model with MedLabs’ Guiding Principles at the CORE. These principles are propagated through the C.A.R.E functions and facilitated to the operations level through powerful tools that include Care Circles, MedLabs Story and the organisation’s rich orientation program. When implemented through the laboratories, we serve one another, our patients, our stakeholders and our communities collectively as one pulse, emanating from the same guiding principles, moving us towards nurturing healthy societies. Each laboratory, with its team of laboratory director and medical technologists serve patients, stakeholders, hospitals, NGOs and referring laboratories, while promoting social health awareness.  Each laboratory is in turn connected to the other group laboratories to provide a harmonious service and image. In support of the laboratories the management and reference laboratory practice two-way communication to facilitate, direct and provide feedback to complete the comprehensive cycle of harmony that moves MedLabs towards the Integral Enterprise.
MedLabs Care Circles - Enabling the Integral Enterprise
Care Circles - weekly cross functional team meetings practiced in integral enterprises around the world - are a means to nurture communication, education, harmony & innovation in a safe and balanced environment void of hierarchies and titles. These informal meetings held across the institution within and between laboratories and management functions are a purposeful tool for implementing integration and living the caring company. The aim of these care circles is to share interests, reveal character and charisma, foster an aligned sense of responsibility, empathy and understanding and nurture a safe environment for creativity and imagination to flourish 
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